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The V-I-P Strings Difference
The V-I-P Strings Difference

What are the advantages to a public or private school string teacher in using this String System?

1.  High retention rate.

     The V-I-P String Program boasts one of the highest retention rates of any instrumental method or program on the planet. This program attracts students rather than discouraging them by its many built-in motivational components. Even band kids have been known to switch to strings after hearing the music in this program!

     In an age when schools often cut back on string programs because of budgetary constraints, high retention and attraction rates are an advantage in justifying the need for strings in the schools. We guarantee the success of our program  for those teachers willing to try its many facets.

2.  Ease of Learning.

     The ease of learning is evident from the design of the whole program. Through the initial use of a simplified notation system the program is easy to explain to students as well as their parents. Parents with little or no musical background can help their children with their practicing at home in ways not possible with  more conventional string instructional programs.

3. Excellent play-along recorded accompaniments make for enhanced learning and help organize lessons.

     Beautifully written accompaniments are available on CDs for each book. The music is played at a rehearsal or practice tempo on the CDs. 

     These accompaniments give each child a sense of the wholeness of the music. In addition, the recorded accompaniments help students develop a strong sense of rhythmic feel, vital to any success in music.

4.  Musical accompaniments for all exercises: making practicing fun and enjoyable.

     All exercises have  musical accompaniments that are fun to play along with. Students seldom skip exercises in this format. Some children even use the exercises as pieces to play for friends and family. No other string system has lavished such extensive enhancement on the exercises presented.

5.  A fresh, exciting and versatile repertoire.

     The versatile repertoire...there are 43 actual performance pieces in Books 1, 2 and interesting and varied. All pieces are designed to attract the student’s ear, from classics to contemporary pieces, from fiddle tunes to ragtime.

     There is a piece for virtually every performance situation. This is a departure from the folk song orientation of conventional methods  or the strictly classical nature of the repertoire found in some methods.

6. A strong emphasis on development of successful note reading and sight-reading skills.

    Secure note-reading skills are a hallmark of the program. The Rainbow Tones String System facilitates note reading with its conceptual approach. On average, a higher percentage of

V-I-P string students become good note readers and excellent sight-readers.

7.  The joy of the Melodic Duets.

     The Melodic Duets are unique to the V-I-P String Program. They make it easier to encourage older students (or a parent) to play along with younger students by using these challenging and delightful counter melodies. The contrapuntal excitement these duet melodies bring to concerts is always a delight to any listener’s ear.

8. Teacher Flexibility: Teachers can easily adapt the V-I-P String Program to their individual strengths and needs.

     Teachers who desire to use the pre-notation approach can do so with full confidence that students will play well and learn to read standard notation.

     Teachers who are more comfortable teaching notation at an earlier point will find the program fits that teaching mode also. The entire program is highly adaptable to any teaching situation.

9.  Effective approaches to group instruction: a high level of student motivation.

     V-I-P teachers are taught to use effective and innovative group dynamics in motivating students to succeed at learning to play a string instrument. Proper group instruction can motivate most students more highly than private instruction during the beginning and intermediate levels of string study.

Experience the V-I-P difference!